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Visa Information

No visa is required for stays up to 90 days, the citizens of: 
The European Union, the United States of America and the following Latin American countries: Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru and Venezuela. More information

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Arrival information

Most international flights arrive at the Ezeiza International Airport (located 30km from Buenos Aires City), while domestic flights arrive at Aeroparque (located at 3km from downtown Buenos Aires). Currency can be exchanged in the airport at Banco Nación. Teller machines are available and work with most major credit cards. Public phones are either coin or card-operated. Cards are available at the airport. You can also dial #19 to make a collect call.

A bus company (Manuel Tienda León) offers transportation to downtown Buenos Aires and the ride takes about 40 minutes. The ticket stand of the Manuel Tienda León company is the first stand after you exit customs. There are also public transportation buses that serve downtown Buenos Aires at a cheaper rate, but we do not recommend it if you carry a significant amount of luggage.

Mar del Plata
, how to get there:

-By Plane:
There are at least two flights leaving from the domestic Airport in Buenos Aires, Aeroparque. One in the morning and one in the evening. 
People arriving in Ezeiza international airport should take a transfer (Manuel Tienda León) or taxi to Aeroparque in order to make the connection to Mar del Plata. The plane arrives at Mar del Plata Astor Piazzola airport which is approximately 20 minutes by taxi from the Hotel.

-By Bus: 
From Ezeiza there are two options. There is one which takes you directly from Ezeiza to Mar del Plata (Manuel Tienda León).  Then, you can take a taxi to the Hotel from the point of arrival in Mar del Plata. (Link to directions from the point of arrival in Mar del Plata to Costa Galana Hotel)

The other option, if the bus from Ezeiza is fully booked, is to go to the central bus station in Buenos Aires ("Retiro") where there are buses to Mar del Plata every half hour or so. To go to Retiro you can take the service from Manuel Tienda León that goes downtown or a Taxi. 

Then, from the Bus station in Mar del Plata you can take a Taxi to the hotel. (Link to directions from the Bus station in Mar del Plata to Costa Galana Hotel)

-By Car:
Link to directions to go from Ezeiza to Costa Galana Hotel in Mar del Plata by Car.

Link to directions to go from Retiro to Costa Galana Hotel in Mar del Plata by Car.


Argentina is located in the southern hemisphere, so seasons are inverted respect to northern hemisphere countries. Therefore in Argentina, October falls in the middle of spring.

Temperature in Buenos Aires for the end of October is usually lower than 22°C (71°F) and higher than 14°C (58°F), while in Mar del Plata, which is situated 400km south from Buenos Aires on the Atlantic Ocean shore, average temperatures for the end of October range between 21ºC (70ºF)  and 12ºC (54ºF).

Weather in Mar del Plata

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Mar del Plata

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